Daminion 7.5 Release

We are happy to announce the release of Daminion 7.5 – an easy-to-use yet robust digital asset management (DAM) solution for teams and enterprises!

The latest update of Daminion comes with a set of significant improvements for the desktop and cloud versions. 

Face Recognition 

One of the most requested features is now available in Daminion Face Recognition immensely simplifies the tagging process of the large numbers of photos with people. Artificial intelligence will find all person images and group them in your archive, significantly facilitating the tagging process. In addition, all data will be kept safe on your server.

Adobe InDesign connector

The work with InDesign documents is now significantly improved and accelerated: you can drag and drop images to your InDesign document directly from Daminion, work with medium-res versions of the pictures, which speeds up a load of large InDesign documents.

The new Daminion connector for Adobe InDesign also helps you avoid painful issues with broken links within the InDesign files and allows your team to work with InDesign documents from multiple locations (office, home, etc.).

Adobe Photoshop connector

The new integration with Photoshop enables seamless work with PSD and other image files. In addition, the Daminion connector for Photoshop eliminates the inconvenience of downloading and uploading files from/to Daminion all the time.

Performance for Active Directory groups

We optimized the performance of Daminion for Active Directory Groups security mode and fixed the issues with the slow load of some catalogs for the non-admin users. 

Improvements for TIFF images

You can import large TIFF files three times faster. In addition, we improved the quality of TIFF thumbnails for complex TIFF files (32 bit per channel, alpha channels, CMYK, etc.).

New PDF render

Daminion helps generate PDF previews faster and more accurately now.

The improvements in Daminion Cloud and Daminion Web 

More tags in the Filter panel

You may add multiple additional filter criteria to the Filter panel, such as numeric tags, long-text tags, custom tags, Width, Height, Orientation, License Expiration Date, and many more. It can help you make the search precise.

Ranges of numeric tags 

A range of tag values can now be specified when filtering numeric tags (currency, integer, and fractional numbers).

Change the Parent Tag of the tag value

You don’t need to perform multi-step operations to change the tag’s position in the hierarchy. Now you can change the parent tag of a tag value by selecting this option in the menu.   

Changes in the upload of duplicates

The duplicates are now automatically excluded from the import queue and are not uploaded into the catalog. It saves you from the time-consuming efforts of going through the list of duplicates and deleting them manually from the catalog.  

New UI for Embedded Links

We added the option to update and delete an embedded link and improved the interface to manage Embedded Links.

Selecting all files in a query 

We add an option to select all files in a query. In the previous versions, you can choose only files displayed on a page. It required multiple repetitive actions to apply a selection to all files in a query.

The option to set a system color when creating or changing the name of a color label