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Daminion is a GIS-friendly DAM (Digital Asset Management Solution) trusted by hundreds of natural resource management organizations worldwide. It assists GIS (Geographic Information System) officers in organizing and centralizing their projects and data management processes.
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Digital Asset Management for GIS (Geographic Information System) Specialists

Geographic Information Specialists deal with a substantial volume of complex media files.

For them, a digital asset management system represents a sophisticated solution to manage the quantity of assets and effectively organize libraries of cartographic photos and images.

When handling vast amounts of digital data, the system's flexibility and security features ensure stability—ensuring no data loss and preventing unauthorized access.

How Daminion DAM Solution helps GIS specialists

Whether you're working in GIS analysis for Environmental Agencies, Urban Planning Departments, Cartography Firms, or Natural Resource Management, we're here to support you.

Spatial Integration Made Simple

Seamlessly connect photos to spatial tools. Efficiently navigate large geographic areas by linking visual data directly to maps.

Simplify resource management with intuitive spatial search capabilities.

Centralized Photo Storage & Search

Organize all your fieldwork, inspection, and event photos in one place.

Utilize advanced spatial and keyword search functions to rapidly find required assets, reducing time wasted on searches.

Enhanced Data Integrity & Workflow

Safeguard data with required metadata and manual asset approvals.

Integrate with tools like Weave for dynamic mapping linked to images. Ensure every asset is well-documented and easily accessible for your GIS projects.


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Top 10 Daminion Benefits

Empower Your GIS Workflow: Harnessing Insights from Leading Natural Resource Management Experts

Tailored for GIS Challenges

All assets with GPS coordinates are automatically positioned on a map. Items originating from the same locations or areas can be quickly displayed and viewed together.

Centralized Storage

Consolidate all photos, from work sites to natural events, into one accessible location, eliminating scattered data.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

With a combination of maps, tags, metadata and full-text search, anyone can quickly find the right files.


Expect a quick ROI – usually within 5-7 months. Plus, our flexible pricing and Lifetime licenses for our Local On-Premise version.
Estimate Your ROI

On-Premise version

Daminion offers you choice - local or cloud-based. The On-Premise solution? It delivers rapid ROI and high-speed performance for large media archives. Plus, it's not tethered to an Internet connection.

Spatial Reporting Synergy

Link your photos with advanced tools like Weave, mapping work sites and linking images to specific geographical points.

Impactful Visual Evidence

Provide compelling visuals to reinforce findings, especially when showcasing flooding risks or other natural phenomena. Daminion enhances productivity and accuracy in your tasks by facilitating rapid previewing of diverse assets, including aerial photos and maps.

Seamless Integration

Easily connect photos with spatial tools and maps, enhancing data visualization.

No Vendor Lock-in

If necessary, data can be moved to another system via open-source formats like XML, preventing vendor lock-in.

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive system ensures minimal training time and easy navigation, even after prolonged non-use.

What Our Clients Say About Daminion

Daminion empowers WGCMA to efficiently oversee digital assets, guide land development, and uphold data integrity through streamlined media approval.
Case Study:

Streamlining Workflow at West Gippsland CMA with Daminion

Daminion is an essential tool for the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, streamlining their workflow and aiding in guiding land development.

Through the map function, the team can rapidly locate all images of specific natural occurrences at a designated plot of land such as floods and landslides
Case Study:

St. Johns River Water Management District's Journey to Efficiency

The St. Johns River Water Management District transitioned from a cumbersome and inefficient asset management system to Daminion, significantly enhancing their operational efficiency.

Daminion's robust features empowered their small team to effortlessly manage an extensive image library, saving both time and financial resources.
The St. Johns River Water Management District
Transforming Asset Management: From Chaos to Streamlined Efficiency with Daminion

Streamline Your GIS Workflow

Discover how Daminion can efficiently tag and manage all your images, monitoring your projects and showcasing progress over time.

Experience the transformation now.

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