Digital Asset Management Solution for GIS Specialists

Daminion is trusted as the preferred on-premise DAM solution for geographic information system officers to organize and centralize projects and data management processes.

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DAM for GIS specialists
GIS specialists use Daminion daily

How Daminion DAM Solution can help GIS specialists


Work without lags and delays with gigabytes of high-definition and detailed images of both scanned paper maps and vast online maps.

Easily organize tons of maps and photos into usable libraries with access to all team members for joint work.


Daminion will assign metadata and geolocation data to all of your cartography assets, so they're fast to search.

Prevent your servers from being overloaded by using unique ad hoc file requests that will only retrieve the necessary files and data.


A convenient way to limit access to confidential cartography data to certain lists of users from your team.

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Case: Your colleagues were on a shooting location. And you urgently need to find photos from there. How to do it quickly?

Solution: With the help of our artificial intelligence, which will find the geolocation itself, you will quickly find all the necessary files.


Remote work

Case: You need to work remotely with the data library.

Solution: Daminion have 2 versions: on-premises and cloud based, with any of them you can work at any spot of the globe

Moderated access

Moderated access

Case: You work with different teams on different projects. You want to take photos of your work and share with one group, but keep them private from everyone else.

Solution: This is also possible. You can make close folders, add only authorized coworkers, and keep working on projects.

External connections

External connections

Case: A photographer, colleagues need to send images and files to you and your team. But you're afraid of losing those files in a world of endless folders.

Solution: You can give your colleagues guests access for them to upload all the necessary files to the waiting room. And then, you will filter the images and allow them to be added to the main archive.

Location observation

Location observation

Case:You need to follow the location.

Solution: Make photos, compare with other images, share with external and internal teams. You can take thousands of pictures and never lose any of them.

One System

One System

Case: Your company has images scattered in different folders on the server, and there is no single algorithm to help find them.

Solution: DAM software is a unified directory system with a user-friendly interface that helps you quickly find all the files you need.

Digital Asset Management for geographic information specialists

Geographic information specialists work with complex media files of significant volume.

For them, the digital asset management system is a sophisticated solution to control the quality of the assets and effectively organize libraries of cartographic photos and images.

When working with huge amounts of digital data, the system’s flexibility and security features guarantee stability — meaning no data loss and no unauthorized access takes place.

Digital Asset Management for geographic information specialists

What clients says about Daminion

The main usage scenario is photo analysis and adding information to describe the violations identified for further presentation to the authorities. Daminion helps us save money. All members of our team use Daminion.

Andrew MacKay


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