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New Daminion 3.7: Faster Viewing, Easier Administration, Better Organization

Daminion 3.7 - Digital Photo Management Sofсtware with Multi-User Support

The new Daminion 3.7 version features more than 20 improvements including faster viewing of large images, easier Daminion Server administration, grouping of similar images, and additional file format support. Plus several minor bug fixes.

Top 5 Improvements

  1. Large images can be displayed much faster – at the same speed as common JPEG images. Learn more…
  2. Integration with Windows Active Directory enables you to sync the Daminion Server with the company’s existing user database instead of manually entering user names and passwords. Users, in their turn, can be logged-in to Daminion Server by specifying their Windows NT/Active Directory passwords.
    Learn more…
  3. Daminion 3.7 - Digital Photo Management Software
  4. Similar images can now be grouped together and displayed more compactly, reducing the number of steps required to access your assets.
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  5. Added support for new media formats including MXF videos and Samsung SRW images. And you can now display quality thumbnails for Cineform video and AutoCAD (DXF/DWG) formats.
  6. The Tray (Lightbox) panel has been drastically improved and now, apart from saving its state after restarting the Daminion Client, it allows you to assign tags, save images as collections, and export images directly from the Tray. For server catalogs you can even connect from another computer and see your Tray files.

Other Improvements

  • Improved thumbnail display performance
  • Improved “Import from CSV” option
  • Added support for importing hierarchical ACDSee categories
  • Map location names are now localized
  • It’s now possible to use the underscore “_” symbol when searching
  • REST API: Multiple tag values are now displayed separated by commas (this will be revisited soon)
  • Daminion restores last selected tags when  server catalogs are re-opened by users with Viewer and Guest roles
  • Improved TIFF file handling
  • Limitation on exporting large images removed
  • When connecting to the server, Daminion checks whether .NET 3.5 is installed in the client PC
  • When selecting multiple files using the CTRL key, the Preview panel displays the currently selected picture
  • The “Add Tag” Dialog can now be closed with the ESC key
  • Alt + Clicking in the Properties panel selects the clicked tag in the tag tree
  • Updated MPlayer from 37242 to 37368 version
  • Updated DCRAW to 9.22 version (Fuji X-Trans filters are finally supported)
  • Updated VIPS to 7.42.2 version

Bug fixes

  • Fixed minor bug with displaying black screen when viewing RAW images
  • Fixed a bug when Daminion Clients disconnected from the Server when filtering tag tree
  • Fixed a minor issue with rendering Camera RAW images
  • Fixed bug with rendering RAW thumbnails when more than 2 shared catalogs were created in the Admin panel
  • Fixed bug when sorting by “Imported By” command.
  • Fixed bug with display of some  TIFF files
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly stretched video thumbnails
  • Fixed bug with creation of PDF Contact Sheets containing TIFFs or Vector images
  • The “Update Thumbnail” command now updates the File Size (along with the Dimension info)
  • Fixed bug when updating Preview panel and file dimension info after updating thumbnails of files edited outside Daminion.
  • REST API: Now works
  • REST API: GET “mediaitems/?savedSearchesId=” method now works
  • REST API: REST API commands can now be invoked from the browser by pure JavaScript
  • REST API: fixed bug when tag values were equal to formatted tag values
  • REST API: fixed bug with calling “GET mediaitems/?savedSearchesId=” from web browsers
  • REST API: The optional “tags=none” parameter now works for the “GET mediaitems/?savedSearchesId=”
  • Fixed bug when groups are displayed in the “Recently Assigned Tags” panel
  • Fixed bug when Users with the Viewer role couldn’t add images to the Tray
  • Fixed bug with importing some CSV files
  • Fixed bug when Ctrl + Shift + P didn’t work
  • Fixed minor issue with the “Find image on the Internet” command
  • Fixed minor issue with the “Recently Assigned Tags” panel
  • Fixed bug when updating from one of the previous local database versions
  • Fixed bug with Auto-Rescan Folder Setting
  • Fixed bug with Daminion Reseller tracking
  • Fixed minor bug when exporting items
  • Alt+TAB keys can now switch back into the Compare Items window
  • Fixed a bug when Preview was not updated after rebuilding thumbnails
  • Fixed a bug when a wrong helper context menu was displayed for the Place tag in the Properties panel
  • Fixed bug with the Properties panel after right clicking on a tag when multiple files were selected
  • Fixed minor bug with displaying hint for the Places tag in the right panel
  • Several minor bug fixes

Special Big Thanks to our Contributors:

  • Uwe Noack and Sedat Yakisir, for translating new German strings
  • Jose Angel Calvo, for translating new Spanish strings
  • Kees Hessels, for translating new Dutch strings
  • Mariusz Lewandowski, for translating new Polish strings
  • Lionel Reynaud and Alain Pierre, for translating new French strings


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