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DAM is important for designers. How to get buy-in from management.

Digital Asset Management or DAM is important for designers because it makes room to be creative. Creatives are always running a gauntlet between efficiency and creativity. But how to get buy-in from management?

DAM is important for designers because it makes room to be creative.
DAM is important for designers because it makes room to be creative.

Digital Asset Management or DAM is important for designers because it frees up the time you need to be creative. But how to get buy-in from management? Creatives are always running a gauntlet between efficiency and creativity.

When you reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, you open the floor to creativity. Here a DAMS from Daminion can help your team.

With our flagship product, Daminion Server, you will create a central content hub. Your whole team can stay on the same page. Everybody can store, find and share content and your projects will run smoothly.

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DAM for designers team – the grind

We all know the daily grind: getting briefs, assigning tasks, conceptualizing, feedback, assets and everything in between. A deluge of content is created daily. The final work needs to be distributed within the team as well as external parties.

DAM is an important tool for designers. Because it cuts out the frustration of repetitive manual work and communication breakdowns and help manage workflow.

DAM gives you a competitive edge as a result. This is vital in a fast-paced industry that demands quality creative content that is created quickly and on-demand.

Designers create and distribute marketing campaigns, posters, flyers, advertising and social media banners, e-books to name a few. Also, every recipient prefers a different delivery method and format. And we wonder why creative work quickly turns into chaos!

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We interviewed some of our clients and compiled their list of why DAM is important for designers.

DAM is important for designers because it makes room to be creative.
DAM is important for designers because it makes room to be creative.

Ubiquity is the new exclusivity

Before long you will find your digital assets everywhere. Why is DAM important for designers? The real headache is managing your ever-growing collection of digital assets in efficient image repository software.

Simple tasks like finding the latest version of a banner, archiving an outdated logo or updating a template become an impossible task without a DAM. While Daminion features built-in version control to simplify this task.

However, the most important mission your design or creative team will face is brand consistency and identity. If your brand is not consistent across all channels, your design team has failed in its mandate. A Daminion DAM for designers will keep your brand on point.

Advantages of having a Digital Asset Management System

Single source of truth and simplified access

How many times have you had to hunt down the “original version” of a design? After spending hours looking through endless folders all over the network, you end up with 10 different versions. And you eventually discard the design because the original work is lost in the revisions.

To get buy-in from management, motivate the critical nature of maintaining the integrity of your asset store.

With a Digital Asset Management system for designers, by Daminion, you can secure your assets on your own private server. With Daminion, File servers, as well as network drives, are indexed automatically.

Designers, marketers and your sales team can quickly find the correct version of your designs. Search by entering a keyword, filename or tag. Efficiency saves you time and therefore saves you money.

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Creativity and unlimited inspiration

Your library contains files that your team uses to draw inspiration from. These may be stock images and assets, previous work or guidelines and briefing documents from clients. When your team has inspiration “on tap” their creativity will flourish.

To get buy-in from management, motivate how a single source of inspirational content will save time. Designers do not waste hours on several different portals.

Picture the scenario where your team has to do a new campaign for one of your long-standing clients. The client wants a reworking of a successful campaign they ran 2 years ago.

Now you can quickly with a single query browse and look at the relevant designs, the supporting files, and documentation. When these files are tagged with a project label they are easily accessible to the new team.

DAM is important for designers.

Let’s not re-invent the wheel

We often re-use and repurpose existing designs. Having a well-described asset library will help your designers to quickly find inspiration to help their creative process. Therefore, re-using your existing material also results in a cost-saving.

As a result of having an existing library of designs and previous work to draw material and inspiration from, your team will be more inspired and more productive.


High-quality thumbnails and previews

With broad format support, Daminion generates thumbnails of a variety of different file formats. While the old way of opening files one at a time might have worked in the past, but viewing your catalog as a grid of thumbnails will speed up your workflow exponentially.

Searches are visual and results are available instantly to browse as opposed to poking around endless groups of folders or, on the other hand, using the operating system’s slow file search.

Daminion supports designers

  • Free yourself from administrative tasks to focus on creativity
  • Increase and encourage the use of completed design work. In house and externally.
  • Control brand identity and guidelines.
  • Digital asset single source of truth.
  • Centralized storage and quick, powerful search.
  • Streamlined workflows and asset notation.

Here are ways that DAM benefits designers

  • Use a simple search, no more sorting through folders
  • Brand consistency – logos, guidelines and other files
  • Share and collaborate in-house and externally
  • Version control history
  • Manage content – usage rights and licensing expiration.
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How to sell a DAMS to your manager

On average without a DAM for designers, your team spends 65 hours every year per person just searching for digital assets. As a result, your company will waste months across teams.

Also, what can your designers do with an extra 65 hours? But how to get buy-in from management? Bring that number to your manager and explain the benefits listed above.

The bottom line? DAM is important for designers. Your team will track campaigns easier, and identify the assets that were key to that success. If you look good, your boss looks good.

As your team gets efficient, they can build brand identity through design, and marketing ventures. When your marketers aren’t waiting for approved assets they can implement campaigns, and improve the work they’re doing faster, improving results for the company.

Getting started with Daminion

Are your corporate digital assets still disorganized or you want to check this? Request a demo and get all your questions answered with one of our resident customer champions.

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