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How do you future proof your Digital Assets?

Technology meeting at cyber space table to future proof digital assets
Technology meeting at cyber space table.

2019 is a busy year for technology, and especially for dam systems. I caught up with our CEO, Murat Korkmazov, earlier today. We had a conversation where we discussed trends in the DAM market. After all, part of our strategy is to ensure that our clients have a top-notch DAM tool. A tool that helps our customers to future proof their digital assets! I summarised some of our talking points below.

If something is future proof, it will continue to be useful or successful in future even if the situation changes.

Collins Dictionary

Future proof your assets, time is NOT on your side

We live in a world where everybody creates content. The quantity of digital assets produced and distributed is skyrocketing. Consequently, finding and managing them is a real struggle. Finding and using your content is the vortex that sucks time right out of your day. Because there is so much content, you will notice a trend: without a solid DAM, you work harder and not smarter!

Quickly finding the right content is the essence of Daminion Server’s functionality. Companies need DAM systems that manage assets at a deep level, this keeps them from ending up unused and forgotten. Murat stressed that “the most important factor in future-proofing digital assets is how discoverable they are.”

He explained that “time is such a precious commodity. It is important to save users time during asset curation and metadata assignment” The Daminion interface design speeds up this process. Discover, view and tag hundreds upon thousands of assets, rapidly and efficiently.

Sharing is caring

Traditional DAM systems are bad at sharing content. In our current 24-hour news cycle, social media is a stream for live content and marketing materials. Seconds count in that world. As a result, we as a society, are less willing to wait. We don’t have to. Blame the trend to click and collect for that!

Murat feels that the same principle applies to a DAM. Therefore getting content (finding and then exporting or sharing) from your DAM needs to be effortless. Share live collections of images from Daminion with clients for instant approval. All of this within seconds of adding them to the asset store.

Future proof digital assets - embrace AI.
Human interaction with artificial intelligence.

Rage against the machine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword being thrown around in DAM circles. However, we are still trying to come to terms with how it affects our day to day lives. Murat explains that they are looking at several integrations. He mentioned that: “…integrating AI into the back end – not just recognising faces – will save users a significant amount of time.”

All I know is that AI is here to stay. Future proof your assets and the metadata within them. Remember: it’s the destination that counts NOT the journey. Moreover, time-restricted workflows benefit from time-saving measures!

Above all, I do not believe that it makes sense to reinvent the wheel and write our own AI. Big technology vendors have already invested billions of dollars in R&D. It would be foolish to not to take advantage of that. Murat was very tight-lipped on this development. I sense that we will certainly see a combination of technologies. Both from in-house development and 3rd party sources.

In Conclusion

Murat also said: “At Daminion our goal is to produce a system that responds to the market. We want to supply solutions for our client’s needs. Our clients should feel confident, knowing that our constant development efforts will add value to their systems. And, we welcome customer interaction, feedback and suggestions. We learn from these focussed customer interactions. After all, we react and adapt our roadmap as a response to our customer base’s needs.”

In my opinion, Daminion future proofs my digital assets. My assets are discoverable, useable and will be for many, many more years. Overall, my takeaway from our conversation was that the management at Daminion Software is actively planning and developing a state of the art system that, in itself, will be useful for decades to come.

Dean Kruger

Digital Asset Manager and Head of Research Department at Gatehouse Commercials. Daminion Administrator and User Training expert since 2011.

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