Daminion 0.8.9 released

SofTool 2011

A new minor Daminion 0.8.9 update is currently available for download. This is mainly a bug-fix version.

To get the latest version of the program visit our Download page.

Some bugs that have been fixed in this version of Daminion

  • Server: Improved import speed for large files from shared locations
  • Server: Version Control now only works for files uploaded to Daminion Server
  • Server: Fixed program freezing after “Undo Checkout” operation with checked “Delete the local file copy” option
  • Server: Fixed a bug with “Downloading” window freezing when double clicking on a server based file
  • Server: Windows Event Logs are shown in the Daminion Server Administration panel when an error occurs during server launch
  • Server: Optimized performance when importing files
  • Server: Fixed several bugs in Daminion Administration panel
  • Server: Fixed an issue with downloading large files
  • Server: Server Installation process improved
  • Server: Client and Server updating process simplified
  • Server: Server installation now permits installation with an empty password
  • Server: Fixed a bug with server disconnecting after checking out a large server based video file and then pressing the Cancel button
  • Server: Fixed a bug with freezing “Write Metadata To File” progress for server based files
  • Server: Added progress information on “Downloading” window for remote files
  • Server: “Upload Files to Server” option now saves its state
  • Server: Fixed a bug when date/time and dimension tags were displayed as text field in the Properties panel
  • Sync state now recovered next time program is launched
  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails disappeared after exiting Full Screen mode (in some cases)
  • A report window now appears at the end of import if any files have failed to import
  • Fixed an error when duplicate network location with, for example, different letter case appearing in the Catalog Tags Panel \\server and \\Server
  • Fixed an error that appeared after dragging a tag value to the tag header
  • Fixed a few issues when rotating images in Full Screen mode
  • Fixed a bug when importing some PicaJet xml files
  • Now, when thumbnail is selected it is reflected in the Preview window (as well as when you move the mouse over a thumbnail)
  • It’s now possible to launch Daminion with – log_enable option. For example,
    “C:\Program Files\Daminion Software\Daminion.exe” –log_enable
  • Daminion can now automatically check for new versions at startup
  • Fixed a bug with wrong statistic calculation for some tags
  • Fixed a bug when updating statistic after files have been checked in/out
  • Fixed a bug when some folders are not displayed in Catalog Tags panel after importing
  • Some other minor improvements and bug-fixes


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