LDAP (Active Directory and Domino Server) Support

Daminion offers two authentication modes:

  • Daminion Server authentication mode
  • Windows NT (Active Directory/Domino LDAP) authentication mode

Large teams with a lot of users might take advantage of the existing Windows NT/Active Directory/Domino LDAP based authentication

Please note that Windows NT (Active Directory/Domino LDAP) authentication is supported by the Daminion Team Server version only.

To integrate your Daminion Team Server with Windows NT/Active Directory/Domino LDAP, launch the Daminion Server Administration panel, go to the menu, and open the Administration > Preferences... menu. Click the Security Mode tab, check the Windows NT (Active Directory) Security option and click on the Ok button

Active Directory Integration
Daminion Server will be restarted in order to apply the changes. Now go to the Administration > Users menu and press the Add User button.
You need to add your Windows NT (Active Directory) users one by one. Each user should be assigned a Daminion Server Role:
Active Directory Integration
We recommend you to select a user authentication mode before you start working with the Daminion Server, because after switching the Security Mode all information about users from the previous Security Mode not be unavailable!