Daminion offers three authentication modes:

  • Daminion Server security
  • Windows or Active Directory security (User Mapping)
  • Windows or Active Directory security (Group Mapping)

Large teams with multiple users can take advantage of the existing Windows or Active Directory based authentication, which allows you to map existing network users or groups with Daminion so that they can use their Windows/Active Directory logon credentials when logging in to the database.

Please note that Windows and Active Directory authentication is supported by the Daminion Team Server version only.

To integrate your Daminion Team Server with Windows or Active Directory, launch the Daminion Server Administration panel, go to the menu and select Administration > Preferences. Click the Security Mode tab, check one of the two Windows or Active Directory Security options: User Mapping or Group Mapping. Click OK.

Daminion Server will restart in order to apply the changes. Now, you can manage your users by going to Administration > Users.

Depending on which authentication mode you selected, you will need to add your Windows/Active Directory users one by one or map Windows/Active Directory groups with the predefined user roles. To find out how to do this, please refer to User Management.

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