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Daminion 7.5 Release. What’s new?

We are happy to announce the release of Daminion 7.5 – an easy-to-use yet robust digital asset management (DAM) solution for teams and enterprises!

The latest update of Daminion comes with a set of significant improvements for the desktop and cloud versions. 

Face Recognition 

One of the most requested features is now available in Daminion Face Recognition immensely simplifies the tagging process of the large numbers of photos with people. Artificial intelligence will find all person images and group them in your archive, significantly facilitating the tagging process. In addition, all data will be kept safe on your server.

Adobe InDesign connector

The work with InDesign documents is now significantly improved and accelerated: you can drag and drop images to your InDesign document directly from Daminion, work with medium-res versions of the pictures, which speeds up a load of large InDesign documents.

The new Daminion connector for Adobe InDesign also helps you avoid painful issues with broken links within the InDesign files and allows your team to work with InDesign documents from multiple locations (office, home, etc.).

Adobe Photoshop connector

The new integration with Photoshop enables seamless work with PSD and other image files. In addition, the Daminion connector for Photoshop eliminates the inconvenience of downloading and uploading files from/to Daminion all the time.

Performance for Active Directory groups

We optimized the performance of Daminion for Active Directory Groups security mode and fixed the issues with the slow load of some catalogs for the non-admin users. 

Improvements for TIFF images

You can import large TIFF files three times faster. In addition, we improved the quality of TIFF thumbnails for complex TIFF files (32 bit per channel, alpha channels, CMYK, etc.).

New PDF render

Daminion helps generate PDF previews faster and more accurately now.

The improvements in Daminion Cloud and Daminion Web 

More tags in the Filter panel

You may add multiple additional filter criteria to the Filter panel, such as numeric tags, long-text tags, custom tags, Width, Height, Orientation, License Expiration Date, and many more. It can help you make the search precise.

Ranges of numeric tags 

A range of tag values can now be specified when filtering numeric tags (currency, integer, and fractional numbers).

Change the Parent Tag of the tag value

You don’t need to perform multi-step operations to change the tag’s position in the hierarchy. Now you can change the parent tag of a tag value by selecting this option in the menu.   

Changes in the upload of duplicates

The duplicates are now automatically excluded from the import queue and are not uploaded into the catalog. It saves you from the time-consuming efforts of going through the list of duplicates and deleting them manually from the catalog.  

New UI for Embedded Links

We added the option to update and delete an embedded link and improved the interface to manage Embedded Links.

Selecting all files in a query 

We add an option to select all files in a query. In the previous versions, you can choose only files displayed on a page. It required multiple repetitive actions to apply a selection to all files in a query.

The option to set a system color when creating or changing the name of a color label

Import indicator is added and displayed after the file upload.

Improved waiting room feature

Improved interface to manage files in the Waiting room.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug when the full number of the file counter was not displayed if the display scaling was set to 150-200%.
  • Fixed display issues in the Daminion Server Administration panel when the display scaling was set to 150-200%.
  • Fixed display issues in the Daminion setup windows when the display scaling was set to 150-200%.
  • Fixed a bug when the Assign Preset confirmation windows got stuck after performing the tagging operation with a token.
  • Fixed a bug when a panoramic image was not displayed correctly in the fullscreen.
  • Fixed a bug when thumbnail previews were not displayed correctly in the Map window for some files.
  • Fixed a bug when the changes were not saved when deleting a tag value in the Assign Tag preset window.
  • Fixed a bug when the Daminion desktop client threw an exception when connecting to the catalog after logging out with an opened Assign Tag Preset window.
  • Fixed a bug when the Advanced search query for a custom tag “Currency” was cleared.
  • Fixed a bug when the values of a custom tag “Currency” were not searchable.
  • Fixed a bug when a file that does not contain Shutter Speed in the metadata was assigned to a tag value other than Unknown.
  • Fixed a bug when the Shutter Speed tag was read incorrectly from the metadata of the file.
  • Fixed a bug when the Authors tag displayed random tag values.
  • Fixed a bug when the Service Connection Status markers were not aligned in the Daminion Server Administration panel.
  • Fixed a bug when the tag values ​​were not assigned to files protected by Access Control under the condition that the files on multiple pages are selected via “Select All”.
  • Fixed a bug when Auto-Rescan and Rescan threw the “ScanFolderCommand” error.
  • Fixed a bug when the user name was not displayed in the Usage History for the event “Embed link created”.
  • Fixed a bug when the preview of the file disappeared in fullscreen when editing the tags Title, Description, and Color Label.
  • Fixed a bug when the original image was not displayed correctly after zooming in in the gallery.
  • Fixed a bug when the name of the existing tag could be used when creating and renaming a custom tag.
  • Fixed a bug when a shared collection could not be created if many shared collections have already been created.
  • Fixed bugs related to TIFF handling: correct recognition of CMYK, correct orientation in scanned files; fixed issues with the export of 8bit sRGB TIFFs, white balance, multilayer TIFFs with transparency; accelerated generation of previews for large TIFFs.
  • Fixed a bug when the Daminion server license could not be inserted from the .txt file.
  • Fixed a bug when an error was thrown during the import of .ai file format if GhostScript was not installed.
  • Fixed a bug when the exported RAW files were dark.
  • Fixed a bug when importing files by Auto-Rescan (Log Error: User with the current role cannot import files).
  • Fixed a bug with updating the list of users in Active Directory if the AD group contained more than 2000 users.
  • Fixed a bug when a file with a format not allowed in Import filters was imported into the catalog if it was imported at least once before.
  • Fixed a bug when metadata synchronization with the files triggered the removal of the linked files information from the database.
  • Fixed the bug when Daminion Users dialog window incorrectly displayed the “Excess of Licenses“ notification.0
  • WEB Fixed a bug when the number of active connections was displayed incorrectly after closing the web catalog.
  • WEB Fixed a bug when an unread comment notification was displayed after the deletion of a file.
  • WEB Fixed a bug with the thumbnail sizes in the “Thumbnails Only” display mode.
  • WEB Fixed the order of the action buttons in the dialog windows; added spaces between buttons and general unification of all dialog windows.
  • WEB Added statistics update in the Filters panel after changing access rights to folders and files.
  • WEB Increased the contrast of notifications.
  • WEB Fixed a bug when switching between two web catalogs resulted in an exception.
  • WEB Fixed a bug when the ignored files were shown incorrectly in the Upload dialog window.
  • WEB Fixed a bug when clicking on the Show Uploaded Files button displayed only a part of the uploaded files.
  • WEB Fixed a bug when the Import Complete status was displayed before the upload process was done.
  • WEB Fixed a bug when the batch rename template was not applied when downloading multiple files.
  • WEB Fixed a bug when the search by License expiration date did not return the file with the searched date.
  • WEB Fixed a bug when the changes to fractional numbers in custom tags were not saved.
  • WEB: Fixed a bug when Video Codec was not displayed in the Filters panel and in the Properties panel

We have more than 60+ minor updates and wish you a pleasant experience of using Daminion 7.5. 

We are constantly working on improving Daminion and adding new features. We try to release new versions and builds as often as possible, and we are always happy to hear your feedback about Daminion. 

Please download the new version of Daminion here.

Daria Kotilainen

Tech Support Coordinator at Daminion software