To customize Daminion’s Web Client interface and adjust it to your brand, click the three small dots on the toolbar, and then click Settings. If you logged in as Admin, the Settings window will look like the screenshot below:

Settings Window

Set up a color scheme here for the current catalog    and a default color scheme for all catalogs . Select between light and dark themes, change the accent color that is used to highlight tag headings in the Properties panel, checkmarks, Save icons etc., and also choose a color for selected files.

 Accent color #7cd1ed


2016-11-29_160501   Accent color #ffffff

Upload a default logo for the web catalogs here. Click CHANGE and select a file no larger than 100 KB. If necessary, change the default logo for a unique logo for this catalog only. When logging in to other catalogs, users will see the default logo.

Select a language for the currently logged-in user and for all other users. You have a choice of English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

Note: The settings displayed above are available for users with admin access rights only. By default, Editors, Viewers, and Guests are only able to change the catalog language. Other users’ permissions can be extended via Daminion server admin panel > Administration > Roles


Customize your login page here . Select a background image and a logotype for the intro page, as well as define the welcome message.