This feature is only available for Daminion Server versions!

Daminion allows you to lock certain tags to prevent undesirable changes. Although these tags are locked, they can still be assigned to and removed from items, but they cannot be renamed or deleted from the catalog. Only users with administrative rights are permitted to implement such changes. Locked tags are displayed in the Tags panel just like free-access tags.

To lock one or more tags, you need to log on as an administrator in the respective shared catalog.

Then in the File menu navigate to CatalogLock Tag Editing

Click Add to select tags to be locked. Choose as many tags as required and close the dialog. If you accidentally add the wrong tag, select it and then click Remove.

In the Catalog Tags panel locked tags are now labeled “Locked” and cannot be deleted or renamed by users without admin rights. To learn more about user roles in Daminion, please refer to Control Access to Your Content.