Huge images in Camera RAW, TIFF, JPEG2000, PSD, and BMP formats are now cached as JPEG previews and can be viewed at the same speed as regular JPEG images. This is especially noticeable when images are very large (more than 300 MB) or located on networks with lower bandwidth connections.

This option is turned on by default but can be switched off via program Preferences. When this feature is enabled, thumbnail generation and import speed will be slower, but the previewing of large images will be much faster and it will also reduce the CPU load of the Server PC.

To change this option, do the following:

For Local catalogs:

  • Launch your Daminion Standalone version
  • Go to the main menu: Edit > Preferences
  • Switch to the Accelerate Preview option

For Server catalogs:

  • Launch the Daminion Server Administration panel on your server PC
  • Go to the main menu: Administration > Preferences
  • Switch to the “Accelerate Preview” option

If the “Accelerated preview of large images” option is checked, Daminion will also store full-size JPEG previews of large images when rebuilding thumbnails.

You can limit the maximum size of JPEG images by turning on the “Limit maximal JPEG preview size” option. For example, with 100 Megapixels limit your JPEG previews can have maximal sizes of 10000×10000, or 20000x5000pх, etc…

  • Which media formats does this option work for?

It works for Camera RAW, PSD, TIFF, JPEG2000, and BMP formats only.

  • Where will my JPEG previews be stored?

For local catalogs:  in the ~Thumbs\preview folder in the same folder as your local .dmc catalog.

For shared catalogs: in the “preview” sub-folder of the folder that was selected to store the thumbnails from your server catalog. This can be checked or configured via the Daminion Server Administration panel individually for each catalog.