This feature is only available in Daminion Team Server version 6.0 and higher!

Daminion’s Roles Configurator allows you to change the access permissions of the default user roles as well as create new user roles with custom permission sets, providing you robust access control on your catalogs.

To change the permissions of the default user role, open Daminion Server Administration panel > Administration > Roles.

Select a user role and check/uncheck the checkboxes of access permissions to the catalogs and then click “OK” to save the changes.

To create a new user role, click the “Add” button and in the window that opens enter the name of the new role:

Once created, the role will appear in the roles list. Select the newly created role and specify its permissions by checking the checkboxes, then click “Apply” and “OK” to close the “Roles” dialog window.

If you want to create a new role that has most of the permissions as an existing role (with exceptions), you may Clone an existing role to save yourself from checking multiple checkboxes and only check/uncheck additional permissions.

Once the new role is created, it will appear in User Management where you will be able to assign users.

Note: User roles can also be edited and added via the web client. Please log into your web catalog as administrator and manage user roles via Settings > Roles menu.