The catalog tags panel displays various types of annotation called tags. Tags can be used to describe your digital assets. Examples of tags are Keywords, Categories, Rating, etc.
Some tags, like Title or Description, can be displayed and edited via the Properties panel only.

It makes sense to create different custom presets for different tasks. For example, you can hide any tags that you don’t need for your current activity, e.g. indexing of images. This clears the Catalog Tags panel, which makes it much easier to locate the right tags in the tag tree.

For example, you can customize your tag tree to display Keywords and Authors only.

How to customize the Tags panel

To customize the Catalog Tags panel, locate and click on the small gear icon in the panel header. This displays a menu with various options. The “Customize…” menu opens a dialog where you specify which tags should be displayed in the Catalog Tags panel and set their order.

Customize Catalog Tags

This opens the “Edit Presets…” dialog.

Configure View Preset

Name your new preset here

Use the bin icon to delete unneeded presets.

These tags belong to the Description group. Select the appropriate checkboxes to display them in the tree.

With these buttons, you can

Select all or none of the tags with just one click

Use the up and down buttons to change the sorting order of the tags. You can also perform a custom sort by drag&drop the tags directly within the Catalog Tags Panel.

Manually tags sorting in the Catalog Tags Panel

Click and hold the mouse cursor on one of the tags and drag it to its new position. The new location is indicated by a thin blue line. When you release the mouse, the tag will be moved to the new location.

After configuring and naming your view preset, close the dialog with the “OK” button.

Naming the View Preset

The Catalog Tags panel now displays the two previously selected tags only, “Authors” and “keywords”. Your new preset will appear as a new entry in the selection list.

Working with View Presets in the Catalog Tags panel