To back up the Daminion catalog(s) on schedule, follow the steps below:

– Download this archive.
– Extract it into the folder where the backups should be stored. Keep in mind that the folder should be a local directory. You can share it on the network later or use a script to copy it to a different location.
– Edit the “backup_config.bat” file. You can do this by opening it in Notepad run as Administrator.

1- Enter the path to the thumbnails or leave it blank if if you don’t plan to back them up.

2- Locate the bin folder to the PostgreSQL and specify its path here.

3-Specify the names of the databases that you want to backup.

4- If you have made any changes to the PostgreSQL standard settings, adjust them as needed. You can check your settings in the Daminion Server Administration panel > Catalog Settings > PostgreSQL.

Once the “backup_config.bat” file is edited and saved, open Task Scheduler or another scheduling tool of your choice and create a new task.

1-4 – Actions > New > Start a program > Browse > Specify a path to the file “Backup Daminion Catalog.bat”.

Please note that the path in “Start In” should be the path to the folder where the file “Backup Daminion Catalog.bat” is stored.

In the Triggers tab, set up a schedule for daily, weekly, or monthly backups and specify the time.

After you have finished setting everything up, try manually running the task from Task Scheduler by right-clicking and selecting ‘Run’ to check if it is executed correctly.

Note that you can choose whether or not to backup the thumbnail folder. Keep in mind that thumbnail backups may require additional storage space. In most cases, thumbnails can be regenerated easily from the original files.

However, if you are using Daminion 7.5 or a later version with Face Recognition, it is important to back up the thumbnail folder because it also contains previews of faces. If you don’t back up the thumbnail folder and it gets damaged or deleted, you would have to process all images using Face Recognition again, which can be a time-consuming process.

To back up the thumbnails, set the parameter ‘SET THUMBNAILS_FOLDER=’ in the ‘backup_config.bat‘ file and add the ‘Backup Thumbnails.bat‘ file to the scheduled task as well.

After scheduling the first automatic backup, keep an eye on the backup folder to verify that the backups were created successfully.