Note: STL Format Support is available in Daminion 7.6, 7.8 or higher!

STL Support in Daminion 7.6

To enable STL format support with previews, follow these steps:

  • Install Papa’s Best STL Thumbnails on the Daminion Server PC
  • In the folder where STL files are stored, enable “View”>”Large Thumbnails” and wait till the thumbnails are generated
  • If  STL files are already imported into the catalog, select STL files and click CTRL+B to regenerate the thumbnails.
  • The quality thumbnails will be displayed.

STL Support in Daminion 7.8  and  later

Daminion supports 3D formats using the 3D extension, see here for details.

The thumbnails for STL files will be generated during the import process. For STL files with generic thumbnails imported in earlier Daminion versions, the thumbnails can be regenerated by selecting the files and clicking CTRL+B.

Important notes:

  • Daminion does not support embedding metadata into STL files. Make sure to create backups of your catalogs to prevent losing the tagging work!
  • 3D preview of STL files are not available in Daminion 7.6 and 7.7.
  • If are working on Windows, you can open your STL files in Microsoft 3D Builder with just one click from the Daminion desktop client (learn how to do it here) or the web client by using the Daminion Web Client Assistant.