Daminion allows you to print images right from within the catalog.
Printing one image per page

To print one image per page in Daminion:

  1. In the Browser window, select one or multiple images you want to print.
  2. In the File menu, navigate to File > Print or press Ctrl+P.

In the settings window that opens, the following options will be available:

Select the printer and adjust the printing settings here.

Set the number of copies and choose whether to print all pages (if multiple images were selected) or just the current page.

Select measure units: inches or centimeters.

Set the margins here.

Adjust the position and the size of the image.

Switch between vertical and horizontal layout.

Use these buttons to navigate between pages.

Print the file or Cancel the operation.

Printing Contact Sheet

If you want to print multiple images on one page, or include metadata information in your print, you can use the “Creating a contact sheet in PDF” function.