This feature is only available for Daminion Team Server version!

By default, all users are allowed to import new files into Daminion, specify the destination folder for uploaded files, and apply different file renaming schemes when importing.
However, in a multiuser environment, this may not always be desirable. For this reason, administrators can terminate certain import functions and specify particular import settings for users who do not have admin rights.

Lock import settings for other users

To lock import settings, log on as an administrator in a shared catalog, and in the File menu navigate to Catalog -> Import Settings.

Check the Lock import settings for others box.

Import settings selected during the last import process can no longer be changed by other users.

In the “Default Import Settings” area, you have the option to specify if the imported files should be placed in sub-folders on the server and assign a particular renaming rule to imported files.

From now on, when the import dialog is opened, a notification in the top right corner explains to the user that the administrator has locked the import settings. The user is now only allowed to assigned tag presets, convert RAW files to DNG format, and create categories from folder names.

Daminion’s Import dialog with locked import settings