Starting with server version 8.8 this extension is included in the server installer and is installed automatically.

For server version 7.8-8.4 follow the instructions below

Since version 7.8 Daminion Server uses a new 3D extension to generate previews for the following formats:

  • FBX Interchange Format (.fbx)
  • IGES Drawing Format (.igs .iges)
  • STP  (.stp .step)
  • STL  (.stl)
  • OBJ Wavefront 3D Object Format (.obj)
  • 3DS 3D Studio  (.3ds)

To install the extension, open  Daminion Server Administration panel and go to

the Help tab → Third-party tools, then click next to Daminion 3D extension for the download.

Once downloaded, run the installer and complete the following steps.


We use f3d viewer for the extension. When importing files, Daminion does a rendering and then creates previews.

Important notes:

  • Rendering uses CPU and graphics card resources, make sure your computer meets the system requirements.
  • Daminion does not support embedding metadata into 3D files. Make sure to create backups of your catalogs to prevent losing the tagging work!
  • 3D rendered preview are not available in Daminion 7.6 and early.
  • If are working on Windows, you can open your 3D files in Microsoft 3D Builder with just one click from the Daminion desktop client (learn how to do it here) or the web client by using the Daminion Web Client Assistant.