The Browser is where you view and manage your media files. You decide what you see. It might be one or more files from an individual folder or the results of a query with images from multiple locations. By default, the browser displays items as thumbnails. You can easily change the size of thumbnails and choose what metadata you want to display. Apart from the thumbnail view, there are several other viewing modes. The Daminion browser works in a similar way to the Windows file browser. You can select single or multiple items, copy and move files using drag and drop, open files by double-clicking and view in full-screen mode.

Browser functions

Buttons above and below the browser window allow you to configure browser view and select the information to be displayed. The browser displays Thumbnails differently depending on their status.


This is the default thumbnail view. The file format is displayed above the thumbnail. The file name, a summary of camera/lens parameters, and file size appear below. You can edit any of these details or expand them to include additional information (more details later in this section).


Hold the mouse pointer over thumbnails to display icons with various functions.

Ico_Versioning Please read the article on version control

Ico_AssignedTags Please read the article on tagging elements

Ico_Submenu This drop-down actions menu brings together several important functions for quick access.

Ico_ColorTag Please read the article assigning color labels for more information.

Ico_Flag Flag your items here. Please read the article on flagging items for more information

Toolbar (top of the browser window)


Btn_Arrows_DE   Switch between multiple views. Allows you to perform two independent searches with different parameters and then switch back and forth between the two sets of results.

Btn_AddFiles_ENG   Launches the import dialog box. Read more about this in the article on Importing.

Btn_ShowAll_ENG  Disables all filters and shows all catalog items in the browser.

Btn_Refresh_DE  Click this button to manually refresh the browser. Alternatively, press the F5 key.

Btn_QuickSearch-2_ENG  Quick Search is useful for finding such things as a particular tag. Clicking the magnifying glass icon on the left (1) allows you to select the fields to search for the specified word. Start your search by clicking the magnifying glass button on the right (2).

Btn_Advanced_ENG Opens advanced search dialog box. Please read the article Advanced Search for more details.

Btn_Export_DE Export options are described separately in the article on exporting.

Btn_Sync_ENG Use this function to keep your catalog metadata in sync with the original files. For more information please read the article on metadata synchronization.

Status Bar (bottom browser window)


2 File status
A number of items not synchronized with the original file.

Summary_Progress Status during import
During import, the background color changes to red, and the number of items decreases as each one is imported.

1 Current filtered items
Displays the number of filtered items followed by the total number of items in the catalog.

3 Currently selected items
Displays number of currently selected items, in blue.

Btn_bottom_Sort_ENG Select sort method
Sort items by attributes, name, file size, extension, type, tags, and date, or even based on EXIF picture information.

Btn_bottom_Sort-2_DE Sorting order
Set to sort in either ascending or descending order.

Browser viewing options:


Icon-a1 Default thumbnail view
Items are displayed with certain tag information. By default, information appears in one line above the thumbnail and three lines below it.

Icon-a2 Square previews
When searching for a specific image among a large number of thumbnails, it can be helpful to display. This creates a smoother, more uniform view and provides Picture Search with a better visual focus.

Icon-a3 List view
List view displays all information in tabular form.


Choose which columns you want to display by right-clicking one of the column headers and selecting Customize from the menu. In the configuration menu, select which information to display and in what order.

The Size all columns to fit option automatically adjusts column width according to the length of the heading.

Additional layout options
Click and hold the mouse to open a popup menu (image below) containing additional layout options derived from various combinations of thumbnail, filmstrip, and list views.


Use these three buttons (on the right, below the vertical scroll bar) to change the appearance of thumbnail previews:


Click the minus sign to show or hide the information above the thumbnail.
Click the equals sign to show or hide the information below the thumbnail.
Click the letter “i” to open a configuration menu and define the information you want to see above and below the thumbnails. Please read the article on Customizing Thumbnail Captions

Use the slider to enlarge or reduce the size of thumbnail previews in the browser.


If your mouse has a middle wheel, you can zoom in and out by holding down the Ctrl key and rotating the mouse wheel at the same time.