Login-free Access to Web Client


Login-free Web Access allows your company’s clients to access Daminion Web Catalog without entering the credentials.

To activate a login-free access, open Daminion Server Administration panel, click the Administration tab and select “Web Access”.

In the window that opens, select a catalog you want to give your company’s clients a login-free access to. Then right-click the catalog and uncheck “Login is required”.

The changes come into effect immediately and restarting the Daminion Server is not required.

By default, a login-free logged on user gets full set of Guest’s access rights and can search and view, show all metadata fields, change the interface language and view collections.
To get an access to advanced Web Client’s functionality, a user should have an Editor or Admin or Viewer user role and log in to the catalog.

Note: Each login-free access takes one concurrent connection!