To send files by email, first, select one or more files in the browser window. On the toolbar click Export and select Send by email from the drop-down list.

The email dialog window opens.

You can choose to use the default email client or to log in using your Gmail or Google Mail account.

If you want to use the default email client, and you already have one set up on your PC, it will be displayed in this window. Otherwise, click the “How to set up my Outlook accounts” link and follow the instructions.

If you are a Gmail user, log in with your Gmail account to continue.

It may be necessary to reduce the size of large images before they can be sent.

Click Export Original File(s) and select the appropriate image size from the drop-down list.

Click Customize at the bottom of the drop-down list to open the Template Editor and use it to make the necessary adjustments to the image and save them as a template. Please refer to “Customize Export Presets” for more information on how to apply your own export settings.