How to schedule backups of Daminion server

To back up the Daminion catalog(s) on schedule, follow the steps below: 

1 – Download this archive
2 – Unzip it into the folder where the backups are to be stored. Please remember that the folder should be local. You can later share it on the network or use a script to copy it to another location.
3 – Edit the “backup_config.bat” file as shown on the screenshot below: 

*1 – The thumbnail folder may or may not be backed up. When deciding, please remember that thumbnail backups may require additional space. Generally, thumbnails can be easily restored from the original files themselves. The backup priority is the databases.

4 – Open Task Scheduler or another scheduling tool for your preferences and create a new task. 

Actions > New > Start a program > Browse > Specify a path to the file “Backup Daminion Catalog.bat”

* If #4 is “D:\Daminion Backup Weekly\Backup Daminion Catalog.bat”, then #5 should be “D:\Daminion Backup Weekly”

Specify also where to start the .bat file – it should be the same folder where the file “Backup Daminion Catalog.bat” is located. 

5 – In the Triggers tab set up a schedule – daily\weekly and at what time. 

6 – Once everything is set up, try to manually run the task from the Task Scheduler > Right-click > Run to check if it is executed.

Keep an eye on the first scheduled automatic backup – check the folder with the backup files once the automatic backup is executed to verify is the backups were created.