How to configure Daminion Server Service

Daminion Server will be installed on your server computer as a Windows Service. You can find it in the Services window.


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Question: “When I clicked on the “Add Files” button in my Daminion Client, and specified a folder with images on a network shared folder, the importing process took no time at all and no files were imported – could you please explain why?”

Answer: Check to make sure that the Daminion Server service account user has read/write permissions to access Documents in network locations. By default, Daminion Server is installed as a Local System account user with no access to network resources.

Please change the logon user for Daminion Server service in the Services window:

  1. Select Daminion Server service
  2. Right click > Preferences
  3. Log on > Select This Account
  4. Select a user to be used as Daminion Server service logon user

Daminion Server Service Account User

Locate a folder with documents and grant it read/write access from the Daminion Server Service logon user account. If your computers are part of a Workgroup you should create a user on the remote computer (where Documents are stored) with the same credentials as on your server PC.

If Documents are located on a NAS device, you need to launch the NAS control panel to configure user access rights. Make sure that the user created on NAS has the same name and password as your Daminion Server service logon user!
After configuring access to remote locations with documents, open Daminion Client and try to import your files. If you have any problems feel free to contact our support.