Filtering and Searching in Web Client

Filtering in Web Client

Specifying your filtering criteria in the Daminion Web Client Tags panel enables you to find the images you require easily and fast.

In our example, we need to find all the black and white images in the catalog that were shot on a Canon. To do this, we expand the necessary tags (in our case Camera Model and Categories) and check the respective tag values.


Select the necessary tag values here. The number to the right indicates how many items will be shown if an additional search condition is selected.

Current search conditions.

 Number of items found.

In the same way, you can widen or narrow your search parameters by checking further tag values or unchecking the ones selected. Please read the article “Web Access” to find out how to customize the Tags panel and display currently needed tags only.

Searching in Web-Client 

To find an image with a particular tag, enter a searchable word or phrase in the search box on the toolbar.

By default, Daminion searches for files everywhere and shows hints on where this tag value can also be found. If you know where to search for the tag, feel free to click a specific tag to be searched in.

In the example below we searched for “wohnungen” in Everywhere and got 12 search results.