How to migrate Daminion Server from one computer (PC1) to a new computer (PC2)

  Launch the Daminion Server Administration panel on PC1

Go to the menu Administration > Catalogs… and backup all your catalogs (select a catalog > Actions > Backup)

   Install Daminion Server on PC2

    Launch the Daminion Server Admin panel on PC2


Now we need to move all catalogs from Daminion Server on PC1 to Daminion Server on PC2. Repeat the below steps for all catalogs on PC1:

   Create a new catalog on PC2: Catalogs > Actions > New Catalog

Copy the catalog name from the first catalog on PC1 and past it as the name of the new catalog on PC2

Adjust “Folder to Store Uploaded Files” and “Folder to Store thumbnails” paths or copy them from the first catalog on PC1 (check carefully user names)

Copy files from “Folder to Store Uploaded Files” folder on your PC1 to the “Folder to Store Uploaded Files” folder on your PC2.

Copy files from “Folder to Store thumbnails” folder on your PC1 to the “Folder to Store thumbnails” folder on your PC2.

Restart Daminion server. Then select a newly created catalog on PC2, click “Actions” and run the “Restore” command from the context menu.

Specify a catalog backup that you created in the step 2: NetCatalog##.backup.

You also need to specify the _daminion##.backup file where information about Daminion users is stored, but you can do this only when restoring the first catalog only.

NOTE: If there are any errors during the restore process, open Windows services and restart PostgreSQL service. Then start DaminionServerService and try to restore the catalog again.

    Repeat 5-10 steps for all catalogs on your PC1

     Add a new Daminion Server address on your Daminion Clients.

Daminion Server address can be found on Daminion Server Administration panel lauched on PC2.

– Open Daminion Client
– Click File > Open Shared catalog
– In the window that opens click “Add Daminion server”
– Specify the IP address of PC2 – the catalogs on the new server PC will be listed

– To remove the old server, click the Remove button and select the old server’s from the list:

– Perform the same on each client station.

NOTE: You can omit the step 12 if a new PC2 has the same name or IP address as your PC1 (if you for example just upgraded the server).