Using stars to rate items

Apart from assigning descriptive tags such as Keywords, Categories, and Events to your digital assets, Daminion also allows you to further classify them with star ratings.

Use star ratings to highlight the best or most important photos in your catalog.  You can, for example, browse through the images of a photoshoot and separate the good ones from bad ones by assigning them stars, and then select the 5-star favorites in a series to send for printing or to the client.

Daminion’s rating system allows you to assign 0 through 5 stars, including half stars.

5 Ways to rate items

You can rate an item directly:

  • On the preview thumbnail
  • In the File menu
  • In the Catalog Tags panel
  • In the Properties panel
  • Using keyboard shortcuts

 On the preview thumbnail


Click the respective square at the bottom of the preview thumbnail.






In the file menu


Select one or more images that you want to rate.

In the File menu, navigate to the Item -> Set rating and select the appropriate ratings from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, right-click the thumbnail to open the menu and navigate to Set Rating.




In the Catalog Tags panel


Expand the Rating tab in the Tags panel, select one or more items in the Browser window, hold the mouse pointer, and drag and drop the items to the respective star rating.

On the left of the Rating panel, you can see how many elements in the catalog have already been assigned the same star ratings. Click the small circle next to the number to display the assigned items in the Browser window.




In the Properties panel


To change the rating of the currently selected item in the Properties panel, open the Description tab and click the desired rating.




Using the keyboard

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to assign ratings directly to selected items.

  • 0 Star = CTRL + 0 (no rating)
  • 0,5 Star = CTRL + 00
  • 1,0 Star = CTRL + 1
  • 1,5 Star = CTRL + 11
  • 2,0 Star = CTRL + 2
  • 2,5 Star = CTRL + 22
  • 3,0 Star = CTRL + 3
  • 3,5 Star = CTRL + 33
  • 4,0 Star = CTRL + 4
  • 4,5 Star = CTRL + 44
  • 5,0 Star = CTRL + 5