(This feature is only available for Daminion Team Server version!)

(Available for Windows only. Mac version will be ready soon)

The Daminion Web-Client Assistant adds the useful “Open With” capability to your Daminion web-client. This allows you to directly open files with desktop applications just as you would in the Daminion Desktop client. Web-browsers generally don’t have access to local desktop programs and therefore are not able to launch external applications from within a web-based application.

However our small Daminion Web-Client Assistant can do a handy trick and hack this web-browser limitation.

By moving your mouse cursor over a thumbnail in your Daminion web-client you will see this   36-open-sml icon. Clicking on it will bring up a small information window that simplifies and automates the process of installing and configuring the Daminion Web-Client.






1Click on the first link to download and install Daminion Web-Client Assistant. After installation, the program will appear in the system tray (Windows).




Right-click this icon to open a submenu where you can either reach the web-access settings directly or terminate the program.




2Click the second link to download the catalog settings. This settings file contains the catalog URL and username that will be automatically added to the Daminion Web-Client Settings.


Once the Daminion Web-Client Assistant has been successfully installed you can open files with external applications directly from the Web-client. Simply click on the 36-open-sml icon above the thumbnail again and a list of your local applications will appear. When you click on an application, a selected file link is sent to this application which then directly opens the file for you.


Please note that this feature only works for files that were imported by file references and doesn’t work for files uploaded to Daminion Server. You can hide this icon via the Daminion Server Administration panel: Main menu: Administration > Web-Access > Allow to open local files from web-browser.